5 green bananas

2 cloves

chopped thyme

chopped spring onions

salted cod

1 cup of mix vegetables (i use frozen)

lime juice

1 cup of mayonnaise

tablespoon of olive oil


What you will need

St.Lucian Style Green Fig Salad
Boil green bananas in water until a knife can easily go through it. Also boil the salted cod fish to take away the excess salt. Rinse the cod fish and shred.
St.Lucian Green Fig Salad
Heat some oil in a pan add garlic,bell peppers, spring onions,thyme add the cod fish with the mix vegetables and a dash of lime juice.
St.Lucian Green Fig Salad
Mix the cod mixture with the dice chopped banana, stir in the lime juice and mayonnaise. Enjoy!!!!